Screen printing

Transferring ink through a stencil onto paper without relief. This method is used mainly on dark and smooth papers. This is a high-quality printing with opaque ink. The premium effect is achieved by transferring a dense ink layer or highlighting the element with varnish.

Transferring ink through a stencil onto paper without relief.

1. The print is flat, without any relief. Silkscreen printing is flat, unlike letterpress and foil stamping. There is no relief.

2. Intense and opaque ink. It is possible to print on dark paper, for instance, white on black. In case of screen printing, the ink is more intense than in letterpress.

3. Smooth paper is recommended. Silkscreen printing on cotton paper looks less clear in comparison to letterpress. Printing on paper with a tactile surface is possible.

4. Printing with glossy varnish is possible. For calculation it is selected as an individual color. Varnish printing is possible on smooth or touche skin paper.

5. Metallic inks. The metallic effect of silk screen printing is more pronounced compared to letterpress, but does not have such a specular sheen as foil.
The minimum line thickness is 0.2 mm.

Paper options:
— Design cardboard
— Tactile paper
— Cotton